The 基督教学者计划 helps each student pursue God’s calling to be Christ in the world. 作为仆人学者, 学生将在有帮助的导师身边工作, 结交终身朋友, 仔细思考他们的生活和信仰, 深刻反思世界的巨大需求, and pursue their vocation through meaningful travel experiences. For due dates and a list of other programs of distinction, click here.

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  • CSP Directions: The summer before their freshmen year, CSP学生参加为期四天的夏令营, 他们将在哪里结交新朋友, 与教职员工导师见面, worship, 谈论上帝的呼召.
  • CSP Fall Break Retreat: CSP freshmen attend a fall break retreat at Hilton Head for some quality beach time, shared meals, worship, 以及对职业的反思.
  • A Vocations Course: Sometime during their college career, 学生将修三学分的职业课程, where they will read scripture and great Christian texts, 反思职业, 参加一个春假宣教之旅.
  • 礼拜堂礼拜:每学期, CSP students, 会参加两个礼拜吗, where they will worship and sing together and encounter God’s Word in a powerful way.

作为基督教学者项目的一员, I attended Directions in the summer before my freshman year. Building relationships with fellow students and faculty before I even had moved in assured me that there were like-minded people on campus who cared about both their education and their faith. I particularly enjoyed volunteering at the Amen House food bank and journaling and hiking at Red River Gorge. CSP is all about community service and personal growth like this. The 基督教学者计划 also allowed me to go on a fall break trip to Hilton Head. While the beach was nice, there was still plenty of time devoted to worship, teaching, and community. 我真的很喜欢小组活动. Our leader Rachael was personal, invested, and incredibly helpful. She even gave us her phone number so that we could contact her if we needed some advice. The 基督教学者计划 has been a huge influence on the way I've carried out my Christian walk at Georgetown College, 我很高兴有机会加入.” 

Cool Stuff We Do

  • Domestic Mission Trips: CSP has a long-standing relationship with UrbanPromise, 卡姆登的内城教会, NJ. CSP often leads a spring break mission trip to serve beside and learn about God’s work from our friends in Camden.
  • International Mission Travel: CSP has organized and led spring break trips to work with schools and orphanages in Brazil, Ecuador, and Honduras.

How To Apply

To apply, simply download and complete the application below. It includes a Student Application Form and Essay (To be completed by the applicant) and a Christian Mentor’s Nomination Form (To be completed by the applicant’s mentor). Once the application is complete there are two ways to submit the Application and Christian Mentor’s Recommendation forms (Please follow the instructions below):

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Domestic & 国际旅行

CSP often leads spring break mission trips to serve beside and learn about God’s work all over the world. 我们在卡姆登为UrbanPromise服务, New Jersey, 以及在巴西的各种学校和孤儿院, Ecuador, and Honduras


CSP students are more likely to pursue degrees in vocational and lay ministry.


Students accepted into the 基督教学者计划 receive an additional $1,奖学金每年一万英镑.

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