While GC doesn't require chapel attendance, we do encourage our students to attend, in part by allowing our services to qualify as Nexus events, part of our co-curricular enrichment program. 约翰·L. Hill Chapel hosts six or seven services each semester, 通常在周二上午11点, a time deliberately chosen since no classes are scheduled then. These Christian worship services feature diverse worship and preaching styles, 并由学生领导, 音乐家, and preachers from a variety of different denominational and non-denominational streams of Christianity. We hope our students will get to experience how beautifully diverse the body of Christ is through these Chapel services.

Collegiate Ministries: Serving Our Students, Reaching the World

在乔治敦学院, we have several different collegiate ministries, 其中大多数是学生主导的, creating many opportunities for new members of our community to get involved. Our Office of 信仰与服务 coordinates, 资源, and/or supports each of them in a variety of ways. Some of our offerings include a campus chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (F.C.A.); Awaken Love, a prayer and worship ministry; a Newman Center, which is deeply connected to our local Catholic parish; Campus Outreach; and many others. Through these ministries and other means, we also strive to provide local opportunities for our students to serve out in the Georgetown community. The Office of 信仰与服务 also hosts mission trips and student retreats, 春假服务机会, 偶尔探险旅行, including mountaineering and white-water rafting trips.

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